On-Site Storage

The Qube is QED's conex service we offer to our customers as a time and labor saving service. QED will deliver the Qube to your job site filled with your bill of material neatly organized on the shelving system we have in place. We also have conex's available with office space to give you a dry area to review plans and install an Internet connection.

  • How do you handle the material buy-outs for your project?
  • Do you buy in bulf up front, or daily as the project progresses?
  • Do you have a dedicated person to manage your inventory?
  • Do you electricians know where to find what they need?
  • How much time is spend putting together daily or weekly buys?
  • How much time is wasted when your electricians have to stop working in order to receive each delivery?

If you want your jobsite material handling to be more efficient, organzied, and productive...The Qube is for you!

With the commitment for the commodity material you will receive The Qube*…

  • Delivered to your site filled with your required bill of materials.
  • Organized on shelving, installed to your requirements, with a detailed layout for your workers to reference.
  • One invoice and payment to further reduce your costs.