Quality Inventory Management

QED's Quality Inventory Management is designed to manage consignment inventory using best-in-class technology. We have streamlined inventory consignment to ensure your materials are there when you need them to eliminate downtime. QIM is ideal for remote locations, large project "virtual warehouses", pre-fab departments and service trucks.

Having the right material, when you need it, is critical for any facet of your business to remain productive and profitable. QIM offers you the ability to have the material you need, when you need it.

  • Do your service trucks have the right material at all times?
  • Do you waste billable hours by traveling to and from suppliers for materials?
  • Do you have a reliable means of tracking the inventory used in order to maintain your inventory levels?
  • Does your pre-fab department have accessible stock of your common items?
  • How much money is lost if they are down because they run out of a key component for an assembly?
  • Are you able to track the inventory used and have it automatically replenished before you run out?
  • Do you have a remote jobsite that could use its own stock of critical inventory?
  • With the obvious challenges of procuring material for remote areas, how often do you run into emergencies due to being short material?

With QIM, we’ve completely automated the replenishment process to streamline your inventory, whether it be your service trucks, pre-fab department, or even remote jobsites. We’ve eliminated the costly issues of keeping and maintaining your critical inventory.

  • Together we establish the complete BOM needed, with minimum and maximum levels for each product.
  • We provide you with a scanner or customized order form that ties to our system, ensuring you have your material when you need it.
  • We provide you with the barcodes and help you organize your service trucks, pre-fab department, or remote location.
  • Finally, you only pay for the material as you use it, eliminating the expense of buying all of your material up front.