On-Site Portable Storage

The Q-Cab is QED's solution for your jobsite storage needs. Measuring 71" high, 96" wide and 48" deep when closed, our Q-Cab has plenty of room to securely store your materials and tools. When opened, the Q-Cab measures less than 30" wide so it can easily maneuver through a standard sized door.

  • How would you handle the material buy-outs for your small TI Projects?
  • Would you prefer to buy in bulk up front, but don't have secure storage areas to put the material?
  • Without storage, how much time do your electricians waste looking for, receiving, or waiting for material?
  • How much time is spent putting together daily or weekly material buys?
  • Does the time spent processing and paying each small invoice have a significant impact on your profitability?
  • How much time is wasted when your electricians have to stop working in order to receive each delivery?

With the commitment for the commodity material you will receive the Q-Cab.

  • Delivered to your site filled with your required bill of materials.
  • Convenient, movable storage container to keep your material safe and organized.
  • One invoice and payment to further reduce your costs.
  • All stock material that is unused at the end of the job will be returned... no restocking and no questions asked.

QED has developed solutions and services to help contractors eliminate unnecessary costs and improve their profitability. We’ve asked our customers what their frustrations are, areas they want help, and what is costing them profit on their jobs. QED has tailored our services to be solutions for your issues, and to save you money!