Labor Saving Services

The Q-Cab is QED's solution for your jobsite storage needs. Measuring 71" high, 96" wide and 48" deep when closed, our Q-Cab has plenty of room to securely store your materials and tools. When opened, the Q-Cab measures less than 30" wide so it can easily maneuver through a standard sized door.

Q-Fab is the most efficient way to get your custom bends and nipples made to order. Let us carry the cost of benders and threaders so you don't have to invest in expensive equipment that will see minimal use. Simply call in your order or submit online and we will have your order ready within 4 business hours. Our staff can handle the most complicated fabrication requests and we ensure the highest quality standards with every order.

Contractors with multiple remote jobsites will find QED's Q-Mobile to be a huge time saving service. Our enclosed trailer comes complete with shelving, secure storage box and under floor storage for your linear materials. Your bill of materials will be delivered to your job site in our custom trailer so you can spend more time focusing on the job at hand, getting the job done.

Let QED take control of your submittal process by asking your salesman about Q-Sub. Submittals are a required, time consuming step to every project. Q-Sub will reduce the time it takes to produce a professional quality submittal by up to 75%. Your submittals will be prepared by one of our dedicated staff members and delivered to you so you can focus on the job and not the paperwork.

QEDEX is QED's express will call service. Simply order your material as you normally would but ask that it be placed in QEDEX. In 30 minutes one of our staff members will meet you at the QEDEX loading dock to help load you material into your truck or van. Simply sign the invoice and you are on your way.

QED's Quality Inventory Management is designed to manage consignment inventory using best-in-class technology. We have streamlined inventory consignment to ensure your materials are there when you need them to eliminate downtime. QIM is ideal for remote locations, large project "virtual warehouses", pre-fab departments and service trucks.

Lighting is typically one of the most expensive portions of a project, and often the most complex and frustrating. QLS gives you access to the tools needed to meet the requirements of the job, save money and give you the expertise to help your customers. We will provide photometric layouts, renderings and energy saving calculations for all your lighting needs including but not limited to; outdoor lighting,outdoor security lights, commercial & residential lighting.

QED has a storage solution we call QSS. We can store your material at one of our bonded and insured warehouse storage spaces without any risk of your supplies being damaged or stolen on your job site. We will release the material as needed and have it shipped to your job site. You can view your material, view your ship schedules, and release your material 24 hours a day. We will also inspect and take care of any damage freight claims when your material arrives at our warehouse. Try QSS – a storage solution today.

The Qube is QED's conex service we offer to our customers as a time and labor saving service. QED will deliver the Qube to your job site filled with your bill of material neatly organized on the shelving system we have in place. We also have conex's available with office space to give you a dry area to review plans and install an Internet connection.

Let QED help you take control of your large feeder pulls by delivering your wire on our custom wire trailer or our optional Reel-JacQ for your small to medium wire pulls. You can pull directly off its high capacity reels and eliminate the need for stands and fork lifts. Also included, a Maxis 1 Ok tugger and Maxis snaggers.

The Reel - JacQ is perfect for your small to medium sized feeder pulls. With 5 partitions and a ground reel to pay out at different speeds, the Reel-JacQ can easily be used by a small 2 man operation. Measuring less than 3' wide, 4' high and 6' long the Reel-JacQ can easily maneuver into equipment rooms and hallways or anywhere space is limited.