New Website Features

Our website has gotten a refresh! We’ve updated our website and mobile app with brand new features to help make you more efficient. These new capabilities are part of our company’s mission to be your preferred partner and provide customers with an intuitive online experience.

New Features and Functionality include:

  • View on Any Device – Our new website will incorporate “responsive design”. This means that our site will look great no matter what device you view it on. Access the website on your desktop computer, smart phone or tablet with ease!
  • Order Workflow Management – Order Workflow allows customers to employ an order review process for their purchasing. When this feature is enabled on an account, orders are routed through an Order Approval process when submitted. Orders are sent to a designated Approver (a new User Role), who can review the request and Approve, or Deny the order. This feature can be enabled at the account level.
  • User Management – Two new user roles allow customers to have more control over their account and manage permissions:
    • Buyer Administrator – allows you to control who can place orders, view pricing, and access other account information
    • Buyer Approver – allows you to approve your employees’ online/mobile app orders before being placed
  • My Dashboard – Introduction of a dashboard to easily access your recent orders, quotes, lists, account summary, previously purchased products, and other commonly used features from your homepage. If you have Buyer Administrator or Buyer Approver privileges, My Dashboard will also notify you of any orders or users to approve.
  • Multiple Carts – This feature allows you to create multiple shopping carts and check out separately. If you hold the Buyer role, this feature will come in handy when you have to build and place multiple orders during the course of a day.
  • Consolidated Order History and Order Details – Our updated Order History function allows you to review your purchase history in real time. Once an order is placed, or approved through Order Workflow Management, the Order History and Details pages are immediately updated with this information.
  • Address Book – Our new Address Book allows you to create and use private addresses for shipping. This allows users to add new addresses that are not currently listed in your account record.
  • Quick Add – Quickly add an item to an active cart using an Online Part Number, Manufacturer Part Number or a UPC Number when you are on the checkout page.
  • Quotes and Quote Management – eQuotes allows you to review quotes online, edit quantities, resubmit with additional items, or convert to an order. You can also process quotes using a credit card.
  • Account Switching – Access all of your accounts from a single username to easily place orders or access account information.
  • Checkout Defaults – Establish default options for the checkout process to facilitate ordering. Defaults include: Delivery Method (Ship Items or Will Call), Billing Method (Bill to My Account or Pay by Credit Card), Shipping Address to Use, Shipping Options and Default Shipping Instructions.
  • Dynamic Help Tutorials – A new Help interface will help you become familiar with all the new features on our website and answer frequently asked questions. Help content includes digital walk throughs, digital tours, job aids, and reference documents.

These are just a few of the features now available to you. Check back often as we’re constantly evolving our digital solutions to be the best partner we can be! If you have questions about the new features, please use our new dynamic Help function (found in the bottom right corner of every page), or contact us.

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