Dear Valued Customers,

QED is aware of the rising concerns related to the spread of COVID-19. The well-being of our associates, customers, suppliers and the community is our primary concern. Our response plans will be to continue to implement the latest recommendations from government and health agencies such as the CDC, regarding planning and preparedness, along with business continuity planning.

QED has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation since it became apparent that there would be potential supply chain disruptions. We have been taking appropriate measures to support our customer requirements for materials that are potentially impacted by COVID-19, as well as the continued support of the ongoing normal demand for similar and related items. QED will continue to evaluate and communicate with our manufacturers and suppliers for products and commodities that originate from China and other countries that are being impacted by COVID-19 to determine if there is potential supply chain disruption.

QED Material Deliveries

QED has delivered material to your shops and jobsites for many years. We will continue this based on CDC recommendations and guidelines. That said, we want you to get material “Your Way”. If you have special needs or requirements, please let us know. Some examples are: “Please leave at side door” or “Please drop off at trailer” We will do our best to accommodate these requests.

Demand Outside of Normal Usage

QED has developed a process with our manufacturers and suppliers on how best to handle orders related to COVID-19 from our customers that are outside of a customer’s normal usage for such product. In the event you have a need for products outside of the normal usage, the request should be sent to QED as a separate purchase order. QED will take such requests to the manufacturer or supplier of the product and the manufacturer or supplier of the product will provide QED with a specific quote related to such order, which will include cost and lead time. In the event QED’s cost is different from its normal cost from the manufacturer or supplier, your pricing will be adjusted to account for such increase in costs for the specific order that is outside of your normal usage. In addition, most of our manufacturers and suppliers are requiring that these orders are non-cancellable and non-returnable, and your order will be subject to such restrictions.

All Other Products

Currently, no suppliers outside the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) categories above have implemented special order controls or shared information concerning disruptions to the US indirect material supply chain. We are working closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to stay informed of ongoing changes with this situation.

As a distributor, QED does not manufacture any of the products that we sell, we rely on our manufacturers and suppliers to communicate any issues to us concerning production or availability of products. QED will communicate to you any issues that are passed to us from our manufacturers and suppliers, and we will work with your company to limit any impact these issues may pose. QED appreciates your business. Together, we will work through any issues that arise.

Dave Dahl
QED President

For the safety of our customers and employees we are currently bringing your orders out to you.

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Sonepar USA's Response to COVID-19

Sonepar USA and its operating companies are taking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very seriously. Click on the link below for the most up-to-date information about any impacts to the Supply Chain from our manufacturing partners.

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